Social Cash Transfers: Changing Lives of African Families

The Mail and Guardian invites to attend the Critical Thinking Forum on Social Cash transfers: Changing lives of African Families? held at The Capital Empire in Sandton, Johannesburg on November 15th 2016. The discussion will be based on the launch of the book: From Evidence to Action: The Story of Cash Transfers and … ———- Please continue reading

UNDG ESARO: Social Protection Issues Brief

The UN Development Group (UNDG) has published a Social Protection Issues Brief for Eastern and Southern Africa in collaboration with ILO, UNDP, UNICEF and WFP. The brief presents the main frameworks of Social Protection, addresses common challenges and describes a dozen case studies of African best practices (including Lesotho, Malawi, … ———- Please continue reading

IPC-IG: Africa inventory of non-contributory programmes

A new publication “Social Protection in Africa: inventory of non-contributory programmes” by the International Policy Centre of inclusive Growth (IPC-IG) aims at providing a broad overview of the existing non-contributory social protection programmes in Africa, supporting a better general understanding of interventions in the region and their main design choices and … ———- Please continue reading

UNICEF to Explore Link between SP and Violence Prevention

UNICEF Innocenti and the Know Violence in Childhood Initiative are hosting a round table in Florence, Italy to explore the linkages between social protection and the prevention of violence against children. The round table will gather 25 experts from around the globe for two days to discuss new research linking social protection to … ———- Please continue reading

AU Conference: Financing Social Protection in Africa

On April 3, 2016 the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and African Union Commission hosted a meeting “Opportunities and challenges in financing social protection in Africa” in Addis Ababa. Ministers of Finance, Planning and Economic Development and international partners such as ILO, UNDP, ECA, UNICEF, EU, World Bank, WHO, … ———- Please continue reading

OpEd: X-Raying Nigeria’s new SP Programme

What is in store in Nigeria’s President Buhari’s Social Protection Programmes SPP, asks Murtala Adogi Mohammed, State Team Leader STL at RANA – NICEF/FHI360/AHNI, in his OpEd, “Poverty, Politics and Policy – X-Raying President Buhari’s Social Protection Programmes SPP”. In Nigeria – Office of the Vice President would be coordinating the following … ———- Please continue reading

UNICEF: Unconditional Cash Transfers don’t increase fertility

A new UNICEF study demonstrates that unconditional cash transfers do not increase fertility in Africa. Unconditional cash transfers which are targeted to poor household with children, are more established in Latin America and the Caribbean. However, in Africa the key barriers to the scale-up of unconditional cash transfers is the dominant opinion … ———- Please continue reading

UNICEF: Measuring Impact of Social Protection and Nutrition

UNICEF research working paper 2015-17 “Cash Transfers and Child Nutrition: What We Know and What We Need to Know” scrutinizes the impact of cash transfer programmes on child nutrition. The authors, Richard de Groot; Tia Palermo; Sudhanshu Handa; Amber Peterman; Luigi Peter Ragno, aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the impacts … ———- Please continue reading

UNICEF Zimbabwe looking for Child Protection Specialist

UNICEF Zimbabwe is looking for a Child Protection Specialist (Social Protection) – NOD Level (Fixed Term Post), under the guidance of the Chief Child Protection, responsible for the Social Protection component of the programme, particularly the development of strategies and actions to implement the national child-sensitive social protection framework. See … ———- Please continue reading

UN Report: Social Protection Floor in Mozambique

The United Nations, in cooperation with the International Labour Organization (ILO), the United Nations’ Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Food Programme (WFP), have published a paper documenting the evolution of a Social Protection Floor in Mozambique between 2005 and 2015. In Mozambique, the growing attention to social protection demonstrates … ———- Please continue reading

FAO PtoP: Recent Publications

The FAO Protection to Production (PtoP) team has been researching the local impact of social protection transfers on economy and empowerment. The topic of productivity gains from social protection is one of the sub-themes of the annual SASPEN conference themed on sustainability on October 20-21. Register here. The From Protection to … ———- Please continue reading

Angola launches APROSOC Social Protection Programme

EU and UNICEF collaborate with the Government of Angola to strengthen the care sector and social protection of the most vulnerable populations in Angola. Assistance interventions and social protection developed by the Angolan government in the National Development Plan with the support of the European Union and UNICEF. The “APROSOC” … ———- Please continue reading

Zambia Rollout of Social Cash Transfers

The International Policy Center for Inclusive Growth of the UNDP (IPC-IG) has published a one-pager on Social Cash Transfer Scale-up for Zambia (78kb) authored by Mr Stanfield Michelo, Director for Social Welfare in the Zambian Ministry for Community Development, Mother and Child Health (MCDMCH), in which the scale-up from a 159-household pilot … ———- Please continue reading

UNICEF Progress for Children Final MDG Report

Progress for Children: Beyond Averages, UNICEF’s final report on the child-related Millennium Development Goals, says that, despite significant achievements, unequal opportunities have left millions of children living in poverty, dying before they turn five, without schooling and suffering chronic malnutrition. Download the full report here (pdf, 8.8mb). For more information … ———- Please continue reading

Lusaka Social Protection Colloquium: Progressive Social Policy and its Implementation

On June 25, 2015, SASPEN, the Platform for Social Protection Zambia (PSP) and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Zambia (FES) hosted the 1st 2015 Lusaka Social Protection Colloquium themed “Progressive Social Policy and its Implementation” with presentations by Former Federal Minister of Justice of Germany, Prof Herta Däubler-Gmelin and former Second Lady of Zambia, Dr Charlotte Harland … ———- Please continue reading

ILO Learning Event: Non-Contributory Social Protection

April 13th-16th 2015, the ILO together with Irish Aid, UNICEF and social partners organized a high level “Dialogue and Learning event” on “Institutionalizing and Administering Non Contributory National Social Protection Programmes” at the Panafric Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. The discussions centred on how to find a learning system approach to exchange information … ———- Please continue reading

Call for applications: UNICEF Tanzania looking for consultancy on Social Protection

UNICEF Tanzania’s department of “Social Policy and Analysis for Development” (SPAD) is looking for national and international consultants to support the implementation of the UN Joint Programme on Social Protection. Main task of the assignment is to assist the Government of Tanzania in implementing the recently adopted Arusha Declaration on … ———- Please continue reading

PSP Zambia Call for Proposals – Grievance Mechanism Consultancy

The Platform for Social Protection Zambia (PSPZ) is calling for proposals for a consultancy to develop a manual for its upcoming UNICEF-funded independent grievance mechanism for the Zambian Social Cash Transfer Scheme. Please see the Terms of Reference here (pdf, 48kb). PSPZ introduces into the project: The Platform for Social … ———- Please continue reading

Call for Abstracts: 5th Conference of the International Society for Child Indicators

The 5th Conference of the International Society for Child Indicators at the University of Cape Town, 2-4 September 2015, is looking for abstracts with a final deadline of March 31. The Conference will be held in the Kramer Law Building, University of Cape Town. Researchers, practitioners, policy makers and child … ———- Please continue reading

Arusha Declaration on Social Protection

On 15th-17th December 2014, at the Arusha International Conference on Social Protection “Building Effective and Sustainable Systems for Equitable Growth: Perspectives, Policies and Best Practices” the Tanzanian Government and partners, including UNICEF, ILO and EPRI, discussed best practices to support Tanzania’s efforts in designing policies for assisting the poor and … ———- Please continue reading

Agriculture and Social Protection – Outcomes of the FAO Workshop

From Protection to Production (PtoP) is a four-year research project which is implemented by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in collaboration with UNICEF. On 25-26 November 2014 the PtoP project hosted a regional consultative workshop entitled ‘Strengthening Coherence between Agriculture and Social Protection‘. There are now video clips of … ———- Please continue reading

Call for Abstracts and Papers – International Conference on Social Protection in Arusha

From 15th to 17th December 2014 the International Conference on Social Protection “Building Effective and Sustainable Systems for Equitable Growth: Perspectives, Policies and Best Practices”, which will be held in Arusha (Tanzania). The meeting will be hosted by the Ministry of Finance of Tanzania, with support from UNICEF, ILO and … ———- Please continue reading

FAO Project ‘From Protection to Production’ on Southern African Cash Transfers

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations is running a multi-country impact evaluation of cash transfers in sub-Saharan Africa. The From Protection to Production (PtoP) programme is, jointly with UNICEF, exploring the linkages and strengthening coordination between social protection, agriculture and rural development. PtoP is funded principally by … ———- Please continue reading

African Union Experts on Children and Social Protection

In April the African Union Commission organized an Expert Consultation Meeting in Cape Town, hosted by the government of South Africa and UNICEF under the theme “Children and Social Protection Systems: Building the African Agenda”. The Recommendations of the meeting regarding Political Commitments, a minimum Social Protection Package, Financing Social Protection for Children, … ———- Please continue reading