SASPEN brief: 8 new Briefs on Sustainability of Social Protection

In SASPEN briefs 1/2016 to 8/2016, eight presenters from the 2015 annual SASPEN Conference “Sustainability of Social Protection in the SADC: Economic Returns, Political Will and Fiscal Space” explore different facets of social protection and country case studies. Victoire Umuhire and Christoph Ernst of the International Labour Organisation discuss the … ———- Please continue reading

East Africa: Bill on rights for persons with disabilities

On June 2, the East African Legislative Assembly in Arusha (EALA), Tanzania, passed a bill dealing with the rights of person’s with disabilities (PWDs). It is a major step in the direction of full protection of PWDs and to improve the standart of living. The purpose of this Bill is … ———- Please continue reading

Impact of Uganda’s Citizens’ Grants

Update: The newspaper article is no longer online, but a longer report by the same Author on the same subject is available here (pdf). Does a small amount of 7.5 $ per month have an impact on the life’s of elderly in Uganda? According to an article by Stephen Kidd in … ———- Please continue reading

ESID: Politics of Social Protection in Zambia, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya

The Effective States and Inclusive Development (ESID) project has presented 4 case studies on the “political challenge of turning transnational social protection goals into effective national policy coalitions” in Zambia, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. Earlier this month at the Development Studies Association meeting, ESID researchers working on our social protection … ———- Please continue reading

APSP Newsletter VIII: Building Grassroots Capacity in Social Protection

The Africa Platform for Social Protection (APSP) has published its 8th newsletter (pdf, 960kb), covering the time period January-April 2015. Themed “Building Grassroots Capacity in Social Protection” the newsletter covers stories from the DRC, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Also: The APSP is now a member of the Global Coalition for … ———- Please continue reading

GSDRC: Report on Disability inclusion in social protection

GSDRC‘s Brigitte Rohwerder published a report on disability inclusion in social protection. Among the cases examined in the report are Zambia and Uganda. While the Zambian programme does not specifically target people with disabilities, evaluations of the programme show that they have been included. The Community Welfare Assistant Committees responsible for the targeting … ———- Please continue reading

Michael Samson: Social protection a force for development

In a recent interview following the National Dialogue on Social Protection organized by the Uganda National NGO Forum, Prof Michael Samson stressed the importance of cash transfers to enable vulnerable individuals to meet basic needs. Dr Samson, Director of Research at the Economic Policy Research Institute (EPRI) in Cape Town, … ———- Please continue reading

ESID Research on the Political Economy of Social Protection

With the proliferation of new social protection programmes and frameworks throughout the world, we also see more and more research on the political economy and politics of social protection. There is the ongoing research at the Centre for Social Research at the University of Cape Town, interest of the United … ———- Please continue reading

Call for Research Proposals (WOTRO) – Inclusive Development and Social Protection

The WOTRO Science for Global Development has launched a call for research proposals on Social Protection as part of the programme Research for Inclusive Development in Sub-Saharan Africa (RIDSSA). Download the Call here (pdf). The deadline for proposals is September 1. Tweet