Booklet: Social Protection in Africa. Overview for policy-makers

The Centre for Social Development in Africa (CSDA) in association with the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) have published a Booklet on Social Protection targeted at Policy makers. The Booklet was launched at the 12th Annual Meeting of African Academies of Science (AMASA), in Johannesburg in November 2016. … ———- Please continue reading

Botswana: Mineral Wealth, Social Transfers and Taxation

In a new paper in the Journal of Contemporary African Studies, SASPEN Advisory Council member Dr Marianne Ulriksen examines the relationship between mineral wealth and redistribution in Botswana, analyzing social transfers and taxation. The first 50 people to access the article will be able to download the paper for free and … ———- Please continue reading

ODI: Bringing Taxation in

A new ODI publication by Francesca Bastagli addresses how to bring taxation into social protection analysis and planning. The guidance note addresses the following questions:   What are the types of analyses that consider taxation and social protection jointly? How do I get started designing or commissioning a new study on the … ———- Please continue reading

UNRISD: Delivering Social Protection Systems

Francesca Bastagli, Head of Social Protection at Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and Senior Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE) at the London School of Economics (LSE), has pubslished an article on Delivering Social Protection Systems. Bastagli focuses on the links between social protection and taxation … ———- Please continue reading

ODI: Paper on Taxation and Social Policy

Francesca Bastagli has published a paper Bringing taxation into social protection analysis and planning. Her paper contributes to efforts to include tax considerations in social protection analysis and design by discussing the key methodological issues in carrying out joint distributional analysis, reviewing the evidence on the incidence and distributional impact of taxes … ———- Please continue reading

ODI: Workshop on Social Protection, Taxation and Inequality

  The Overseas Development Institue (ODI) is holding a conference with the theme Social protection, taxation and inequality on 9 July 2015. Session one will focus on the distributional impact of taxes and transfers where as session two will on taxation and social protection financin. The event will also be streamed … ———- Please continue reading

UNU-WIDER: Call for research proposals

The United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) has followed their recent call for papers with a further call for research proposals, deadline May 15. The aim of the project reads as follows: “UNU-WIDER has started a new project ‘The Economics and Politics of Taxation and Social … ———- Please continue reading

Call for papers: UNU-WIDER Symposium on the Political Economy of Social Protection Systems

United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) has started a new project ‘The Economics and Politics of Taxation and Social Protection’ which aims to examine system-wide impacts of social protection and tax systems in developing countries. The relevance of the subject arises from the fact that social … ———- Please continue reading

Are cash transfers taxing the state? – New Blog on SASPEN INSIGHTS

A new blog piece is out on SASPEN INSIGHTS! In Are cash transfers taxing the state or should the state be taxing transfers? Sophie Plagerson discusses the implications of the separation between tax-payers and grant-recipients prevalent in much of Southern Africa. Asking “How can social policy avoid the perceived and … ———- Please continue reading