Booklet: Social Protection in Africa. Overview for policy-makers

The Centre for Social Development in Africa (CSDA) in association with the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) have published a Booklet on Social Protection targeted at Policy makers. The Booklet was launched at the 12th Annual Meeting of African Academies of Science (AMASA), in Johannesburg in November 2016. … ———- Please continue reading

Ideas4development: Universal Provision More Effective than Targeting

In a new essay on the IDEAS 4 DEVELOPMENT blog, Stephen Kidd makes a fresh case that universal provision of social protection is more effective than poverty targeting. In his view, social protection provision is key in fighting inequality, funding a matter of political will and universal provision the best way to foster political will: … ———- Please continue reading

“Strange Bedfellows”: Stephen Devereux on ILO-World Bank Initiative

Stephen Devereux of the Centre for Social Protection (CSP) at the Institute for Development Studies (IDS), Sussex, examines the new ILO-World Bank Initiative on Social Protection. The two agencies called on world leaders to promote universal social protection, which they define as “adequate cash transfers for all who need them, … ———- Please continue reading

Is targeting ethical? – new blog post by Stephen Devereux on SASPEN INSIGHTS

A new blog piece is out on SASPEN INSIGHTS! In Is targeting ethical? Stephen Devereux argues in favor of redistribution by targeting transfers based on the need principle and giving the poorer more to reduce the gap between poor and affluent, thereby challenging universal income transfers that give lump sums … ———- Please continue reading

Is Universal Basic Income Viable? – New blog post on SASPEN INSIGHTS

A new blog piece is out on SASPEN INSIGHTS! In Universal Basic Income in Southern Africa – is it a viable alternative? Taku Fundira compares universal basic income grants in Southern Africa with targeted social cash transfers such as the Social Support Grant in Malawi. He argues that targeting has … ———- Please continue reading

“If you aim for it, you might miss it” – New blog on SASPEN INSIGHTS

A new blog piece is out on SASPEN INSIGHTS! In “If you aim for it, you might miss it”: targeting poverty is not the best way to reduce poverty Sophie Plagerson argues that targeting social protection and cash transfers at the poorest is neither financially necessary, nor fair, nor likely … ———- Please continue reading