Pick a Conference Theme – Opportunity for Network Members

The Southern African Social Protection Experts Network (SASPEN) and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Zambia have been organizing the SASPEN Annual International Conferences on Social Protection in the SADC on different topical issues. The Annual SASPEN Conferences have become much sought after events attracting participation beyond the continent. The conferences bring together … ———- Please continue reading

Zambia Cash Transfers: Continuous Rollout

At the Transfer Project Workshop in Addis Ababa, 6-8 April 2016, Director of Social Welfare of the Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare Zambia, Mr Stanfield Michelo, presented on the successive harmonization and progressive national rollout of the Zambian Social Cash Transfer Scheme. In his presentation he observed that by June … ———- Please continue reading

African Development Bank Group: Economic Report on Nigeria

The African Development Bank Group has published an Special Edition of the Economic Report on Nigeria 2015. The special edition serves as an instrument for engaging the new Administration of the Federal Government on the policy imperatives for sustainability transforming the Nigerian economy. Further, it aims to review the current … ———- Please continue reading

Conference Pictures 2015 Sustainability Conference

Another 132 pictures can be found inside the SASPEN network platform.

Grupo de Canto e Dança Milorho Mozambique

Grupo de Canto e Dança Milorho Mozambique

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Sustainability of Social Protection – International Conference 2015

Tweet Sustainability of Social Protection in the SADC: Economic Returns, Political Will and Fiscal Space FES & SASPEN International Conference 20-21 October 2015, Protea Parktonian, Braamfontein, Johannesburg   Click here (pdf, 242kb) to see the full programme and here (pdf, 6.7mb) to download the conference handbook. Conference Presentations Dr Solomon … ———- Please continue reading

Sustainability Conference Programme

The upcoming fourth annual SASPEN Conference themed on “Sustainability of Social Protection: Economic Returns, Political Will and Fiscal Space” on October 20-21 in Johannesburg will be graced by seven keynote addresses by speakers from ILO, FAO PtoP, UNDP IPC-IG, the CSSR at UCT, the Wits School of Governance and the … ———- Please continue reading

ODI blog: Funding crucial for SDGs and Social Protection

Paddy Carter, Research Fellow at the Overseas Development Institute in London (ODI), stresses the importance of financial support for low income countries in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Hopefully, economic growth will be a rising tide to lift many boats, but it will not lift all … ———- Please continue reading

Development Pathways: New Publications

Development Pathways has shared several new publications: ‘Establishing Comprehensive National Old Age Pension Systems’. This paper describes and explains the policy options available to developing countries committed to offering universal pension coverage and maximising the incomes of older people. Read the full abstract here or find the publication here, pdf. … ———- Please continue reading

Social Protection Key in SDGs

With the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) about to be adopted at the UN Summit in New York starting tomorrow, Isabel Ortiz, head of the ILO’s Social Protection Department, explains why social protection is a key component of the new global development agenda: Tweet

Video podcasts: Emergence of Social Protection in the Global South

On 29-30 June 2014 in Hanoi  a workshop took place on “Institutional Reforms for Transformation, Inclusion and Sustainability”. The presentations of the panel “Emergence of Social Protection in the Global South” are now available as video podcasts, including a presentation on South Africa by SASPEN Advisory Council member Prof Frances Lund. Watch … ———- Please continue reading

Call for Contributions: Sustainability of Social Protection Oct 20-21 Johannesburg

Deadline for Abstracts extended until September 22. International Conference Oct 20-21, 2015 Sustainability of Social Protection in the SADC: Economic Returns, Political Will and Fiscal Space SASPEN (Southern African Social Protection Experts Network) and FES (Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung) will be hosting a two day international conference on “Sustainability of Social Protection” in … ———- Please continue reading

Markus Loewe on Sustainable Social Protection

Social protection policies prevent poverty, foster pro-poor growth and stabilize political orders. They also serve to reduce inequality. Markus Loewe of the German Development Institute discusses the history and basic concepts of welfare-state policies in an interview with the journal Development and Cooperation. Q: Why is social protection desirable ? … ———- Please continue reading

ODI: Paper on Taxation and Social Policy

Francesca Bastagli has published a paper Bringing taxation into social protection analysis and planning. Her paper contributes to efforts to include tax considerations in social protection analysis and design by discussing the key methodological issues in carrying out joint distributional analysis, reviewing the evidence on the incidence and distributional impact of taxes … ———- Please continue reading

IDRC Study on Economic Returns of Social Protection

Arjan de Haan and Carolina Robino of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) in Canada have published preliminary findings on whether Social Protection is safety net spending or brings economic returns. The findings from South Africa and Latin America show that social protection has a positive impact on labour markets … ———- Please continue reading

Ideas4Development: Social Protection a sustainable investment

In its recent opinion essay, “Ideas for development” argues that while social protection is a right, it is also a sound and sustainable investment in development: Social protection is a long-term investment at all stages of life. It reduces household poverty, increases social cohesion and stability, and thereby contributes to … ———- Please continue reading

IDS Study on Financing Full Coverage Social Protection

The IDS/Uni Sussex has published a study on financing full coverage social protection in least developed countries. Key findings are: All countries in the world now have at least one example of a targeted social protection programme, but schemes aimed at the most vulnerable in LDCs are only reaching 20% … ———- Please continue reading