Booklet: Social Protection in Africa. Overview for policy-makers

The Centre for Social Development in Africa (CSDA) in association with the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) have published a Booklet on Social Protection targeted at Policy makers. The Booklet was launched at the 12th Annual Meeting of African Academies of Science (AMASA), in Johannesburg in November 2016. … ———- Please continue reading

ODI: Bringing Taxation in

A new ODI publication by Francesca Bastagli addresses how to bring taxation into social protection analysis and planning. The guidance note addresses the following questions:   What are the types of analyses that consider taxation and social protection jointly? How do I get started designing or commissioning a new study on the … ———- Please continue reading

IDS Study on Financing Full Coverage Social Protection

The IDS/Uni Sussex has published a study on financing full coverage social protection in least developed countries. Key findings are: All countries in the world now have at least one example of a targeted social protection programme, but schemes aimed at the most vulnerable in LDCs are only reaching 20% … ———- Please continue reading