Development Pathways: New Publications

Development Pathways has shared several new publications: ‘Establishing Comprehensive National Old Age Pension Systems’. This paper describes and explains the policy options available to developing countries committed to offering universal pension coverage and maximising the incomes of older people. Read the full abstract here or find the publication here, pdf. … ———- Please continue reading

Desay: Eliminating Extreme Poverty through Social Policy

In his recent book “The Last Mile in Ending Extreme Poverty” Raj M. Desai dedicates one chapter to Social Policy and the Elimination of Extreme Poverty’. He argues that the elimination of extreme poverty is technically possible with a combination of adequate social policies. A review by the Povertist summarizes: Desai concluded the chapter … ———- Please continue reading

Poor, poorest, poorer: Inequality is back! New blog on SASPEN INSIGHTS

A new article has been published in the blog SASPEN Insights! In Poor, poorest, poorer: Inequality is Back!, Sophie Plagerson observes that the English translation of Piketty’s “Capital in the 21st century” has reawoken academic interest on inequality. However, Plagerson argues that this intereset has yet to reach the discussions … ———- Please continue reading