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Rights-Based Social Protection: From Rhetoric to Action

56th UN Commission for Social Development Session, Side Event at the United Nations Headquarters, New York

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in partnership with the Worldwide Network Nigeria: Women in Development and Environment, a member of the Society for Family and Social Protection, and the Africa Platform for Social Protection will be hosting a side event at the 56th UN Commission for Social Development session on 5 February 2018 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

The aim is to highlight the benefits of a rights-based approach in social protection as a sure way to eradicate poverty and achieve the Sustainable Development Goal’s (SDG’s). Therefore, speakers from The Gambia, Nigeria, Zambia and Peru will inform the audience about Rights-Based Social Protection, the Policy and Legal Framework Developments and Implementation, how to achieve the SDGs through Rights-Based Social Protection and how to monitor Rights-Based Social Protection.

The side event will be moderated by Dr. Dr. Ify Ofong – Worldwide Network Nigeria: Women in Development and Environment and Mr. Vince Chipatuka – Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung as co-moderator and time keeper.

For further information, please have a look at the programme flyer.

Job Advertisement: Technical Officer on Social Protection Knowledge Management and TRANSFORM in Lusaka, Zambia

The job advertisement for a Technical Officer on Social Protection Knowledge Management and TRANSFORM is hosted by ILO and includes amongst others the following tasks: Support peer-to-peer learning, exchange and knowledge development across countries in the region in the areas of focus of the project, coordinate the TRANSFORM initiative in the region in line with the approved work plan and budget, Provide overall technical coordination and quality assurance for continuous improvement, development and adaptation of the TRANSFORM package and supervise the TRANSFORM regional support team.

Required Qualifications: Advanced university degree in the relevant field with demonstrated expertise on social protection issues. At least five years of relevant professional experience, including three years at the international level, with thematic emphasis on social protection.

While the successful candidate will be initially working in Lusaka, he/she may be assigned to any duty station designated by the Director-General of the ILO.

Duration of Appointment: One year

Application Deadline: 7th of February 2018

For further information please visit the ILO Website:

Job Advertisement: Individual Consultancy on Social Protection in Windhoek, Namibia

The job for an Individual Consultancy on Social Protection is advertised by UNICEF and includes the following tasks: Inception Report, Desk Analysis, Develop and coordinate drafting of National Social Protection Policy and Interlocking Tasks.

This assignment will require a national or regional consultant with a strong background in comprehensive social protection programming, experience with social welfare and assistance policy and programming, economics and poverty reduction programmes.

Required Qualification: Advanced university degree in social sciences, economics, public policy, international development or any related social science fields

Required Experience: A minimum of 10 years of professional experience in drafting strategic social protection documents (in particular policies, strategies and plans), related policy reform processes or strategies, in designing social protection interventions, equity-focused research, analysis and evaluation of social protection programmes, including cash transfer programme, particularly in Africa.

This work is estimated to correspond as full time for a period of 10 months, with effect from January 2018 to 31 October 2018. The Consultant will be based at the MPESW Head Office in Windhoek, Namibia, and will be expected to conduct limited field travel within Namibia as part of stakeholder consultations for the development of the SP policy.

Please note: Applications should be submitted no later than 26th January 2018.

For further information, please visit the UNICEF Website:

International MA in Analysis and Design of Social Protection Systems

The Bonn Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences in Germany invites practitioners and professionals in the area of social protection to participate in one of the two programs listed below.

  1. International Master degree (MA) in Analysis and Design of Social Protection Systems

Visit the university’s website to find more information about the programme and the application process. Applications are accepted until the 31st, March 2018.



  1. Summer school at the Bonn Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences

The university also invites graduates and practitioners as well as young professionals from relevant fields of study or discipline to a four-week summer school (two weeks online and one week on campus). Applicants can choose a specialization among the following:

  • Migration
  • Return to Work
  • Climate Change
  • Vulnerability
  • Health, and
  • Old Age
  • Social transfers

Application for summer school begins on the 1st, February. Visit the university’s website to find out more about the application process.



For further information please email to

Extended Deadline – FES Zambia Scoping Paper Consultant for its Continental Project on Social Protection

The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) Zambia with ITUC/ALRN; WIEGO & APSP – have extended the deadline for submission of technical proposals and accompanying documents for the scoping paper consultancy on the status of Rights Based Social Protection in Sub – Saharan Africa.

Deadliine for submission of documents is 21st June, 2017.

For more details, on the Offer and the Project, refer to the new Terms of Reference and Project concept note below:

TORs for Scoping Paper on Rights Based Social Protection in Sub Saharan Africa_New
Project Concept Note – Rights Based Social Protection

FES Zambia is looking for a Scoping Paper Consultant for its Continental Project on Social Protection

The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung(FES) Zambia, in close collaboration with its social protection partners across Africa – ITUC/ALRN; WIEGO & APSP – is looking for a consultant to conduct a scoping exercise on the status of Rights Based Social Protection in Sub – Saharan Africa.

For more details, on the Project and the Offer, refer to the documents below:

Project Concept Note – Rights Based Social Protection

TORs for Scoping Paper on Rights Based Social Protection in Sub Saharan Africa



Adapting the Graduation Approach for People with Disabilities: Opportunities and Challenges

Fonkoze, Trickle Up, CGAP and PPAF will be hosting a webinar titled “Adapting the Graduation Approach for People with Disabilities” on Thursday, May 4, 2017 from 9:00-10:30 am EST.

The webinar will discuss Graduation adaptations for people with disabilities. Trickle Up, Fonkoze and PPAF have significant experience implementing Graduation programs with people with disabilities across different regions. The webinar will bring together these three organizations, each sharing: 1) Graduation project implementation experiences; 2) opportunities and challenges of working with this segment; 3) segmentation strategies in large national scale ups. The webinar will be moderated by CGAP.

Registration is available online here. Registrants should allow pop-ups from this website. Webex details are also included below.

For any issues accessing the webinar, please contact: Melissa Victor;  ———- Please continue reading

ISPA: Traning Opportunity in Resource Mobilisation

The institute for Social Policy in Africa (ISPA) is an international consulting company and Training Service Provider specialised in socioeconomic development as it applies to the African region. Established in South Africa in 2014, ISPA has a continental footprint and operates in Sub-Saharan Africa. ISPA has regional hubs in Rwanda, covering East and Central Africa, Ethiopia, covering the horn of Africa and South Africa covering the SADC region. The company has presence in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Zambia and South Africa. The ISPA team covers both Anglophone and Francophone Africa.

ISPA is delighted to bring to you a five day training workshop in Resource Mobilisation to be held in Kigali Rwanda from 29th May to 2nd June 2017. The training is of great significance to all resource mobilisation persons and management teams of institutions including government agencies, NGOs, Private sector, learning institutions and all other project implementing agencies. The training will attract participants from Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia, Namibia and South Africa and will thus not only be an important learning exchange but networking opportunity.

Please follow the link below to download the brochure for further details on the training:

Academy on Social Security – International Training Center of the ILO

The International Training Center of the ILO has just announced a range of ISSA Guidelines Training activities under the Academy on Social Security. The programs on offer include:

The Academy on Social Security offers a unique opportunity to benefit from a diversified training package on the governance and financing, reform and extension of social protection systems. Participants will tailor-make their own two-week course by choosing from several elective courses, and will benefit from an innovative and dynamic learning environment.

To learn more about the academy, please click on the link below:

Call for Proposals – Putting children first: Identifying solutions and taking action to tackle poverty and inequality in Africa – 23 – 25 October 2017

The Ethiopian Centre for Child Research, Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI), the Comparative Research Programme on Poverty (CROP), the ESRC-DFID Impact Initiative and the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty, including African Child Policy Forum (ACPF)Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP)Save the ChildrenUNICEF and Young Lives are hosting a three-day international conference with the aim of engaging policy makers, practitioners and researchers in identifying solutions for fighting child poverty and inequality in Africa, as well as inspiring action towards change. The conference offers a platform for bridging divides across sectors, disciplines, policy, practice and research.

The conference hosts invite proposals on the following themes:

  1. “Setting the scene: Who and where are the poor children?” This theme aims to provide insight into the plight of overlooked children, to strengthen data collection and measurement efforts to ensure that no child is overlooked in the future.
  2. “Child-sensitive social protection: Making social protection work for children”. This theme aims to promote a better understanding of how social protection can be improved to help children, including links to services and the adoption of more child-oriented approaches.
  3.  “Ensuring access to basic services for all: Reaching the poorest and most marginalised children”. This theme aims to gain insight into how access to services can be secured for the most excluded and marginalised, including views on how to remove specific barriers and involve a social workforce and community-based mechanisms.
  4.  “Supporting secure transitions to adulthood”. This theme aims to explore how the ‘youth bulge’ can be considered a ‘demographic dividend’ and how young people can be supported in the transition to adulthood with regard to education, work, family and aspirations.


For further guidelines on the submissions and other conference details view this PDF or visit their website here

Call for Papers – ILERA WORLD CONGRESS 2018 – July 23 -27, 2018

The International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA) has released the Call for Papers for the 2018 ILERA World Congress themed “Employment for a Sustainable Society: What Is to Be Done?” The Congress will be held in Seoul from July 23 to 27, 2018 providing opportunities for the discussion of the latest issues in labor and employment.

The Call for Papers has been open since March 1, 2017. Interested candidates are encouraged to share their expertise by submitting their abstracts in the following six tracks:

  • Track 1: Collective Voices and Social Dialogue for a Better Future
  • Track 2: HRM Challenges and Responses for the Changing Workplace
  • Track 3: Labor Market Dualization and Institutional Responses
  • Track 4: Workforce Diversity, Labor Market Inequality and Social Integration
  • Track 5: Work and Employment Relations in Emerging Market Economies
  • Track 6: The Future of Work

For more detailed information regarding abstract submission, please visit:


Tuition Free Master of Arts in Social Protection – Bonn, Germany

The Master of Arts in ‘Analysis and Design of Social Protection Systems,’ on offer by the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, is open for applications. The programme is free of all tuition fees . Application deadline for the September 2017 intake is March 31.

To learn more about the program, visit here.

ILO Lusaka looking for Feasibility Study Consultant – Extension Informal Workers

ILO Lusaka is looking for a consultant to conduct a Feasibility study on extension of Social Security coverage to smallholder farmers and casual agriculture workers in the informal economy in Zambia (Reference N°2016-1224204].

Please see relevant documents below and if interested contact ILO Lusaka at the contact points provided in the documents.



FAO SOCPRO seeks a “Social Protection Policy and Programming Specialist”

The FAO Social Protection Team (SOCPRO) is looking for a “Social Policy And Programming Specialist” in order to assist the the FAO’s efforts to strengthening the coherence between agriculture and social protection in Lesotho.

The task for the specialist will be:

  • Providing technical support to the National Social Protection Strategy (NSPS) and its related programmes and programmes/policies in the agricultural sector, including the National Food Security Policy.

  • Assisting in the design, operationalization and monitoring of the emergency response to El Nino drought with national upscale of complementary agricultural and social protection interventions.

The deadline for the application is the 10th of June. Find more information if you click here.

FAO SOCPRO seeks Social Protection Consultants

The FAO Social Protection Team (SOCPRO) is seeking for two new consultants with the description : Social Protection Policy and Programme Specialist and Social Protection Capacity Development Consultant. Deadline May 27.
———- Please continue reading

Webinar: Linkages Humanitarian Cash Transfers and Long-term Social Safety Nets

A webinar themed “A Framework and Practical Guidance on Linking Humanitarian Cash Transfer with Long-Term Social Safety Nets” and organized by the Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) and the Oxfort Policy Management (OPM) hosted by on May 12, 2016 at 9 – 10.30 (EST) will addresses following topics:

1. The need for and purpose of linking humanitarian Cash Transfer Programmes (CTPs)  with social protection;
2. Where is the convergence and how can this be used for humanitarian CTPs;
3. What are the challenges and opportunities;
4. Some examples of how humanitarian CTPs have been linked with social protection in different contexts.

If you wish to attend the webinar please register here.

FAO ESP seeking Social Protection Consultant

The FAO’s ESP is looking for a Social Protection Consultant – Extending coverage of social protection to rural areas – who should work home-based with missions to FAO Head Quater (Rome) and selected countries.

FAO and ILO are working together to promote and support the effective reach and coverage of social protection to rural populations. FAO’s work on social protection supports efforts to ensure coverage of social protection for all, including those whose livelihoods depend on natural resources, such as agriculture, livestock, fisheries or forestry 4. ILO’s approach pays particular emphasis on the extension of coverage to rural populations and to workers in the informal economy, and to facilitating their transition to the formal economy, based on Recommendations No. 202 and 204.

For more details please read the attached Terms of References which you can download here. The application deadline is 23 May 2016.

FAO SOCPRO Rome looking for Economist

The FAO Social Protection Team (SOCPRO) Rome is looking for an Economist.

We are seeking an Economist to deepen and push forward the agenda on the linkages between agricultural and social protection interventions. The Economist will join a team of economists, anthropologists and policy specialists and will lead quantitative analytical work, from the design of studies (drafting concept notes and proposing methodologies) to empirical application (coordinating work of consultants, implementing the analyses, drafting reports/papers, etc.) to presenting findings and using these to provide programming and policy advice.

For more details please read the attached Terms of References which you can download here. The application deadline is 6th of May.

FES Lusaka: Call for expressions of interest – Stakeholder and Website Mapping

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Lusaka is inviting expressions of interest to conduct two independent mapping analysis exercises:

  • Mapping of stakeholders engaged with Social Protection on African continental and sub-regional level
  • Mapping of websites engaged with Social Protection on African continental and sub-regional level

Deadline for expressions of interest to conduct either analysis is May 10. If you are interested in both, please send proposals for both separately.

Kindly see the Terms of Reference here (stakeholder mapping) and here (website mapping). For any questions please contact

Social Policy Professor position at the Rhodes University

The Rhodes University is looking to fill a a social policy professor vacancy.

Recognising that diversity is important in achieving excellence, Rhodes University especially encourages South African members of designated groups to apply.

Find the official advertisement here. The closing date is 9th of May 2016.

Call for Papers – Social Protection Symposium Bonn 5-6 Sep

The department of Social Security Studies from the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), GIZ, the German Development Institute (DIE) and the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance are convening an international symposium on:

“Social protection systems – tying the knots” 
on September 5-6, 2016 in Bonn, Germany.

For this purpose, (young) academics, scientists and exerts who have a special interest in (i) designing and reforming social protection systems, (ii) getting an update about best-practice and the latest research findings, and (iii) having an opportunity to network and discuss their own experiences, can submit an abstract on the research themes of variation, system creation and system analysis.

The deadline for submitting is May 31, 2016. For more information please visit or contact

HelpAge Invitation to Tender: Consultant for Research on Social Protection and Access to Health in Old Age

Invitation to Tender:

Consultant for Research on Social Protection and Access to Health in Old Age (Closing Date March 10, 2016)

For the full job description and instructions on how to apply for the role, please click here and see below: ———- Please continue reading

PASGR research, scholarship and training opportunities

The Partnership for African Social and Governance Research (PASGR) is a not-for-profit organisation based in Nairobi, Kenya, that seeks to increase the capacity of African academic institutions and researchers to produce research that can inform social policy and governance. It seeks to do this through a research programme on social policy and governance research which is responsive to policy needs in the region, through the development of a collaborative higher education programme, initially at master’s level, and a supporting policy, outreach and training programme

The PASGR has listed potential opportunities (with their respective submission deadlines) for candidates which are as follows;

Call for Applications: Professional Development Training in Advanced Research Design. Apply by 22 February, 2016.

Call for Applications: Professional Development Training in Interpretive Methods and Ethnography. Apply by 22 February, 2016.

Call for Expression of Interest from Country Researchers: Urban Governance and Turning African Cities Around.  Apply by 26 February, 2016.

Call for Proposals: PASGR Doctoral Initiative. Apply by 11 March, 2016.

DAAD Scholarships for the Master of Research and Public Policy (East Africa) 2016/17. Apply by 14 March, 2016.

Research Tender:  Social Protection System Capacity Strengthening. Submit tender by 11 March 2016.

Call for Chapters: Edited Book on Sustainable Development and Governance Strategies for Economic Growth in Africa. Apply by 30 March, 2016.


Centre for Social Protection: Short Course 2016

The Centre for Social Protection (CSP) is offering the third round of the short course ‘Social Protection: policies, programmes and evidence’.

This 4-day course focuses on getting you up to speed with current knowledge, evidence and practice of social protection. It offers a unique opportunity for policy makers, practitioners and researchers to broaden their knowledge base and gain critical insight into the most recent thinking about social protection.

  • Dates: Monday 27 June – Thursday 30 June 2016
  • Deadline for applications: Friday 12 February 2016.
  • Places: 30
  • Fee: £1,450
  • Language: English
  • Location: Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Brighton, UK

See the course description here. More information can be found in the course brochure. Click here to get directly to the application form.

About CSP and IDS:

The Centre for Social Protection (CSP) supports a global network of partners working to mainstream social protection in development policy and encourage social protection systems and instruments that are comprehensive, long-term, sustainable and pro-poor.

The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) is a leading global institution for development research, teaching and learning, and impact and communications, based at the University of Sussex.

FAO: Role of Rural Organizations in Social Protection

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has started a global study on good practices in harnessing the role of rural organizations in social protection. The goal is to

document cases and compile an “Inventory of practices” on the current and potential role of rural organisations in social protection.

Read more about the study here.

UNICEF Zimbabwe looking for Child Protection Specialist

UNICEF Zimbabwe is looking for a Child Protection Specialist (Social Protection) – NOD Level (Fixed Term Post), under the guidance of the Chief Child Protection, responsible for the Social Protection component of the programme, particularly the development of strategies and actions to implement the national child-sensitive social protection framework.

See the full offer here. Deadline is 2015-10-09.

ILO Zambia Call for Proposals: Review of Social Protection Legislation

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is looking for a consultant to conduct a Review of Social Protection Legislation and Regulations for Coverage of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) in the Agricultural and Construction Sectors of Zambia.

In Zambia, the agricultural sector is the largest sector in terms of employment of the workforce. Since almost the entire agricultural has neither any formal system of social security nor regulation of working conditions, the ILO focuses on improving this situation:

This assignment is meant to review existing and applicable social protection measures in order to establish the gaps in social security legislation while taking into account the existing incentives in the system. The study will use the current social protection laws and regulations and relevant international ILO Recommendations as the reference framework for conducting the review.

Specifically, the following steps are being taken:

To assess national legislation, practice and programmes relating to social protection, in order to identify legislative gaps in the current social protection system;

To identify legal provisions, regulations and institutional mechanisms that should be reviewed in order for the social protection system to address the current challenges that hinder extension of coverage to the agriculture, construction and other informal sectors in general.

To make recommendations that will inform tripartite social dialogue on social protection legislation to facilitate coverage of the informal sector with particular focus on the agriculture and construction.

To provide legislative proposals tailored to the informal sector needs that will feed into the on-going process of enacting the Social Protection Bill.

Find the Terms of Reference here (pdf). Technical and financial proposals should be sent to and

CSDA looking for Associate Professor/Senior Researcher

The Center for Social Development in Africa (CSDA) at the University of Johannesburg is looking for an Associate Professor/ Senior Researcher (5 year contract). The center is dedicated to basic, applied and strategic researching social development and development welfare.

See the full application form here. Deadline is very soon – 2015-08-02.

U Maastricht call for PhD Candidate on Social Protection

The PhD project investigates how different groups of migrants who come to Limburg organize their and their family’s social protection. It focuses on people who work in Limburg but have their families in another country bordering Limburg, and vice-versa. It asks how such families organize their family lives, and especially the care functions, across borders; from taking care of their elderly parents and children who do not live in Limburg, to ensuring their own health and pension, to accessing quality education for their children.

See the full offer here.

Germany: Tuition free Masters Programme in Social Protection

The executive board of the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences has waived the tuition fee for its master’s programme in Analysis and Design of Social Protection Systems.

Apply here.

UNICEF Tanzania: 3 Consultancy Offers

UNICEF Tanzania is looking for consultants in three projects.

Nr. 1: Consultancy Advert 2015-06

Nr. 2: Consultancy Advert 2015-07

Nr. 3: Consultancy Advert 2015-08

Call for Applications: Funded ESRC PhD studentship on Lesotho and Malawi at U Dundee

Applications are invited for a full-time, three-year PhD studentship to undertake a research project examining the political and economic power relationships behind social cash transfer schemes (pensions, child grants etc.) that are being implemented in Lesotho and Malawi. The project will involve extensive fieldwork in both countries. ———- Please continue reading

BRS-U Job Offer: Research Fellow Cash transfers and health protection in Ghana and Kenya

The Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences is looking for a research fellow (50%) for the international research project “Breaking the Vicious Circle between Poverty and Ill-Health – Are cash transfers and social health protection policies in Ghana and Kenya mutually complementing?”. The project aims at analysing the relationship between cash transfers and social health protection policies in contributing to inclusive growth in Ghana and Kenya. The initiative involves project partners from Holland, Germany, Ghana and Kenya and is funded by the WOTRO Science for Global Development Division of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

Deadline for applications is June 5. See all details here

FAO Call for good practices: the role of rural organisations in Social Protection

The FAO is calling for good practices on how to harness the role of rural organisations in Social Protection. Deadline is Friday, May 29. A concept note can be found here. The objective of this study is to build a knowledge base for policymakers and development practitioners to assess the potential for rural organisations to participate in the design, implementation and monitoring of social protection to the rural poor. For more information click here.

The study aims to achieve a better understanding of local solutions and processes for providing social protection to the rural poor through formal and informal rural organizations, and how those can be harnessed for improving the targeting and coverage of social protection systems in rural areas. The study will identify and document existing experiences and develop an inventory of good practices on the role of rural organizations in social protection.