New SASPEN One Pager Subseries

SASPEN in partnership with the International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG) have produced a subseries of the world famous one pagers. In this subseries, three one pagers summarise key perspectives on different aspects of Social Protection in Mozambique, Nigeria and Zambia. The one pagers include ‘Rethinking the Design and Implementation of Nigeria’s COPE Conditional Cash Transfer Programme,’ ‘Transformative Social Protection: Findings from the Zambian Child Grant and Farmer Input Support Programme’ and ‘Social Protection Reform in Mozambique and the New Basic Social Security Strategy’

Click the title of the one pager in our one pager log to read the full text

Title Author Date Languages
Rethinking the design and implementation of Nigeria’s COPE Conditional Cash Transfer Programme Olabanji Akinola Aug 2016 English
Transformative social protection: findings from the Zambian child grant and farmer input support programmes Anna Wolkenhauer Oct 2016 English
Social protection reform in Mozambique and the new basic social security strategy Sergio Falange, Luca Pellerano Nov 2016 English


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