New Promotional SASPEN logo

SASPEN has developed a set of promotional logos “Proudly part of the SASPEN network“. We encourage any individuals and institutions engaged with the network to display the logo on their websites and include it in publications related to social protection. This is meant to promote the network as exchange and information hub, and to add SASPEN’s own visibility and outreach to your own work. Use of the logo comes at no restrictions as long as it is used in contexts of social protection. We kindly request notification of logo usage, not least so that we can counter-disseminate through the various SASPEN channels. The website logo in 3 variations can be downloaded here (right-click, then “save as”):

Option 1 Option 1 Option 3

The package with all website and print variations (also including gray-scale renderings for b/w print) can be downloaded here (zip, 2mb):

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