NGOs and Civil Society Networks

  • African Institute for Health and Development,
    Nairobi-based NGO with a focus on implementing evidence-based programmes and conducting research, training and advocacy on health and development issues that are contextually relevant to Kenya and other African countries.
  • African Parliamentary Poverty Reduction Network (APRN), (but website unavailable at the moment!)
    Engages parliamentary committees, parliamentary staff, and community-based civil society groups in the design, implementation and oversight of poverty reduction policies by promoting dialogue, building capacity, and improving local level community monitoring skills.
  • Africa Platform for Social Protection (APSP), http://www.africapsp.orgWorking in partnerships with social protection platforms across Africa, its main objective is to support the development of effective national social protection policies and programmes, through raising awareness, facilitating debate, supporting and engaging CSOs, and building knowledge.
  • Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP), of the five steering committee organisations Oxfam GB, the British Red Cross, Save the Children, the Norwegian Refugee Council and Action Against Hunger, the CaLP supports capacity building, advocacy, research and information sharing as a way to promote cash transfer programming as an effective tool to deliver aid in times of crisis.
  • Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR), www.pspzambia.orgCivil society advocacy network of over 70 organisations working for pro-poor development in different parts of Zambia, initially founded in 2000 with the core aim of civil society participation in the design, implementation and monitoring of Zambia’s PRSPs.
  • HelpAge International, in London, this global movement works in various countries including in Southern Africa, to help older people claim their rights, challenge discrimination and overcome poverty, so that they can lead dignified, secure, active and healthy lives.
  • Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection,, education and advocacy team promoting study and action on issues linking Christian Faith and social justice in Zambia and Malawi, undertaking research and communicating through advocacy campaigns, publications and media presentations.
  • Labour Institute Zambia (LIZ), in research and advocacy work around labour issues.
  • OXFAM, offices worldwide, in Southern Africa programmes include developing sustainable livelihoods within the context of HIV and AIDS, health and education, water and sanitation, and strengthening community capacity to cope with disasters.
  • Platform for Social Protection Zambia (PSPZ), www.pspzambia.orgEvidence-based advocacy platform of CSOs for the development and implementation of effective social protection policies in Zambia, working with various stakeholders and facilitating the participation of non-state actors.
  • SADC-CNGO, NGO set up in 1998 to facilitate engagement between Non-Governmental organisations from SADC member-states and the various SADC institutions at regional and member-state level.
  • Social Protection Actors Forum Kenya, http://spactorsforum.comFounded to bring together all the Non-State Actors in the social protection sphere to synergise their efforts and amplify their voices on matters affecting social protection in Kenya, and to promote citizens’ engagement in the development, implementation and evaluation of social protection interventions.
  • Southern Africa Trust, independent non-profit agency, the Southern Africa Trust supports civil society organisations in southern Africa to participate effectively and with credibility in policy dialogue so that the voices of the poor can have a better impact in the development of public policies.

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