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It is very easy to participate in the network. Initial affiliation takes 3 minutes. Read the how-to-guide (pdf).

There are two levels of participation, affiliation and registration. By registering on our community platform here you affiliate yourself to the network. As a result you receive all newsletters sent over the network mailing list including invitations to network events and reports about them, as well as other useful information regarding social protection in Southern Africa including news posted by third parties engaging in the network regarding activities, projects, programmes, policy making, research, job offers and so on.

Please note that in order to affiliate yourself you need to verify a valid email address and provide your real name in clear text. Your name, affiliation, interests and optional information provided will be visible to other users. However, you cannot view user profiles unless you have become a registered participant.

In order to become a registered participant, you need to complete a social protection resume in the “profile edit” function. This includes information about your professional experience in the field, indication of publications, research, or engagement in social protection. Once you have completed such a profile, you will be upgraded to “registered” status. As such, you will be able to browse the expert profiles of other participants, initiate message board postings, send messages, form groups and so on. You will then also be visible to other registered network participants within your customizable privacy settings. By filling out your profile you agree to the visibility of this information (excluding contact information).

You can also affiliate an institution. For this, please choose “institution” as account type. Institutions do not have a two-tier clearance and receive limited, but instant permissions on the platform (initiation of postings and messages, forming of groups, however not access to user profiles).

Kindly take note of the network terms of reference.

Enter our SASPEN Login Platform! –powered by oxwall community software

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