Sustainability of Social Protection – International Conference 2015

Sustainability of Social Protection in the SADC:

Economic Returns, Political Will and Fiscal Space

FES & SASPEN International Conference

20-21 October 2015, Protea Parktonian, Braamfontein, Johannesburg


Click here (pdf, 242kb) to see the full programme and here (pdf, 6.7mb) to download the conference handbook.

Conference Presentations

Dr Solomon Asfaw, Protection to Production Project FAO Rome: The Role of Cash Transfer Programmes in Building Resilience: Cross-country Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa KEYNOTE POWERPOINT click here (pdf, 840kb)

Ms Victoire Umuhire and Mr Christoph Ernst, ILO Geneva: Revenue from Extractive Industries: An Opportunity for Financing Sustainable Social Spending KEYNOTE POWERPOINT click here (pdf, 835kb)

Ms Anna Wolkenhauer, University Bremen: The Transformative Potential of Social Protection Findings from Zambia POWERPOINT click here (pdf, 638kb)

Ms Rutendo Shylin Mudarikwa, Independent Researcher Harare: Productivity and Social Gains of Social Protection: The Public Works Programme in South Africa POWERPOINT click here (pdf, 408kb)

Ms Harshani Dharmadasa, BRAC USA: Targeting the Ultra-Poor Graduation Programme POWERPOINT click here (pdf, 6.6mb)

Ms Aislinn Delany and Dr Stefanie Röhrs, Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town: The (mis)use of the child protection system for poverty alleviation – a case study from South Africa POWERPOINT click here (pdf, 348kb)

Prof Ndangwa Noyoo, University of Johannesburg: Creating Sustainable Pathways for Beneficiaries of the Child Support Grant POWERPOINT click here (pdf, 155kb)

Mr Nkandu David Chilombo and Dr Paul Quarles van Ufford, UNICEF Zambia: The political economy of social protection financing in Zambia – The Social Cash Transfer Scheme POWERPOINT click here (pdf, 112kb)

Ms Mia Granvik, Centre for Social Science Research (CSSR), University of Cape Town: Political Sustainability of Cash Transfers: Findings from a Multi-Country Research Project KEYNOTE POWERPOINT click here (pdf, 1.9mb)

Prof Marius Olivier, Institute for Social Law and Policy North-West-University Potcheftsroom: Reflections on the Legal Mandate for Sustainable Social Protection in SADC KEYNOTE POWERPOINT click here (pdf, 2.3mb)

Mr Mario Györi, UNDP IPC-IG Brasilia: South-South Learning – The New Platform KEYNOTE

Mr Kagisanyo Kelobang, Social Security Specialist ILO Pretoria: Expenditure Review, Costing, Funding and Fiscal Space for Social Protection KEYNOTE POWERPOINT click here (pdf, 1.4mb)

Prof Alexander van den Heever, University of the Witwatersrand: Macroeconomic Returns of Social Protection KEYNOTE POWERPOINT click here (pdf, 673kb)

Mr Olabanji Akinola, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada: Rethinking the Conditions in Conditional Cash Transfers in Africa POWERPOINT click here (pdf, 2.1mb)

Mr David Keendjele, Social Security Commission Namibia: The Sustainability of Short Term Social Security Funds (mix between Contributory and Non-Contributory Social Insurance Schemes): A Case Study for the Namibian SSC POWERPOINT click here (pdf, 5mb)

Prof Rodreck Mupedziswa, University of Botswana: Philosophical Foundations of Botswana’s Social Protection System – Charity or Social Justice POWERPOINT click here (pdf, 1.1mb)

Dr Maminirinha Ralaivelo, Madagascar: The new Social Protection Framework in Madagascar POWERPOINT click here (pdf, 517kb)

Mr Nikhil Treebhoohun, Oxford International Consultants Mauritius: Sustainability of Social Protection in Mauritius POWERPOINT click here (pdf, 719kb)

Mr Taku Fundira, Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute Johannesburg South Africa: Social Protection through Cash Transfers – a Three Country Analysis of the Impact of Universal Cash Transfers on Poverty and Income POWERPOINT click here (pdf, 882kb)

Mr Rodrigo Octávio Orair, UNDP IPC-IG Brasilia: How Brazil has Cut its Inequality through Fiscal Policy: Redistributive Role of Social Protection, Main Trends and Challenges for Fiscal Sustainability KEYNOTE POWERPOINT click here (pdf, 1.2mb)

Poster Presentations:

Mr Victor Chikalanga, Ministry Labour and Social Security Zambia: Economic Gains from Social Pensions in Zambia (Katete Pilot) POSTER click here (pdf, 251kb)

Mr Jonathan Tumwebaze, Uganda Christian University – Mukono: Linking Social Assistance Grant (SAGE) and HIV+Orphaned for sustainable results) POSTER click here (pdf, 112kb)

Mr Asrani Gopaul, University of Mauritius: Social Capital and Informal Social Protection In Mauritius POSTER click here (pdf, 731kb)

Mr Wisborn Malaya, Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations: Political Sustainability of Social Protection Systems – Informal Workers’ Perspective POSTER click here (pdf, 1mb)

Mr Jairous Joseph Miti, University of Zambia: Social Protection in Zambia – The search for relevance or identity POSTER click here (pdf, 638kb)

Mr Patrick Chanda, University of Zambia: Social Protection as an Approach to Addressing Poverty and Vulnerability among Women Domestic Workers in Zambia POSTER click here (pdf, 171kb)

Conference Pictures:

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