Policy Coherence Social Protection and Development Tripartite Conference 2012

Building policy coherence between Social Protection Floors and National Social and economic development strategies

Full conference Programme

Day 1

08:30- 09:00 Official Opening Session:

Heiner Naumann, Director Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Lusaka Office

Vic van Vuuren, Director ILO DWT Southern and Eastern Africa

Speakers from Workers and Employers Organizations

Official opening remarks by Les Kettledas, South Africa

9.00-9.30 Video on the Social Protection Floor

Key Note address

Towards an International Social security Standard for National Social Protection Floors – Coming Discussions at ILC (2011).

Emmanuelle St Pierre, Legal Expert ILO Social security Department Geneva

9.30- 11.00

Scoping and defining national social protection floor policies

  •  What value added do social protection floor approaches and strategies give to defining country priorities in social protection and health care?
  • How to define national social protection floors and to establish effective contents for prescribed basic guarantees and a balance between services and cash transfers to improve access to basic services? How to build consensus around strategies and engaging in national processes of social dialogue around the social protection floor?
  • What legal foundations and architecture is needed for developping rights based approaches for social protection?

Prof. A. Van Den Heever (WITS GSPM), Prof. G. Mpedi (CICLASS), Prof. M. Olivier (ISLP); N Chipfupa (HELPAGE) ; G. Fajth (UNICEF) ; L. Frota (ILO); Pat Horn (Street Net)

11.30– 13.00

Coherent social security systems

  • How to promote integrated national social security policies and closer collaboration between social security delivery institutions? How to improve work in an inter-department and multi agency context?
  • How to identify people in need of assistance health care services or income support?
  • What are the opportunities to achieve greater synergies between different financing and delivery mechanisms in order to ensure more effective and greater coverage?
  • How to ensure a rights based framework for the entire social security system and set medium term targets to progressively scale up ad hoc anti poverty programs so that they evolve into systemic permanent national social programmes anchored in national law ?

 E. Biwa (MLSW Namibia); N Deerpalsing (Mauritius); E. Alfai (MMAS Mozambique); E. Kaseke (WITS, SA and Zimbabwe); J. Selwynn (DsD South Africa)

 14.00 – 16.00

Unlocking social and economic participation and productive capacities

  • How to ensure optimum coherence between job rich growth and social security policies? How to ensure closer coordination of social protection with national development and employment policies, skills policies , so that they are mutually supportive and reinforcing?
  • How to ensure that social security promotes positive labour market incentives and outcomes ? How to strenghten and accelerate the implementation of active labour market policies and to promote greater linkages between these and income support measures and services?
  • How to include special categories of workers (agriculture, temporary and contract workers, migrants..) under Labour and Social security Law ?

 Bhorat (UCT, South Africa); George Laryea-Adjei (Unicef, South Africa); UNDP Country Economist; Mathias Nyenti (CICLASS); Leila Patel (Un. Johanesburg)

Day 2

8.30– 9.30

Governance and capacity to implement SPF policies and programs

What type of administration is needed and which governance systems ? How to harness new tools and techniques for the implementation of social protection schemes?

Mohammad Farooq (Unicef, Lesotho); A. E. Biwa (MLSW Namibia);

10.00 – 11.00

           Measuring and creating Fiscal space

Specifying financial requirements and resources and social budget modelling, identifying fiscal space and raising national domestic resources over multi year programming budget cycles.

Nuno Cunha (ILO Mozambique); John Kruger (OPM SA); Marianne Ulriksen (Un. Johannesburg)

11.00 – 12.00

Guidance tools from SADC and opportunities for support

SPF in SADC instruments, Social security Code monitoring Tool, ILO instruments

Arnold Chitambo (SADC), Emmanuelle St Pierre (ILO), Heiner Naunmann (FES) Bruno Dindelo (Southern Africa Trust)

 12.00 – 12.30 Official Closure

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