Social Protection in Malawi Workshop 2013

Social Protection in Malawi: International Frameworks and National Policies, International Conference 12-14 November 2013

Click here for the full Conference Programme and Concept Note (pdf)

Conference Presentations and Papers (draft, subject to future revision)

Prof Marius Olivier, ISLP South Africa and North-West University Potchefstroom: Social Protection in Sub-Saharan Africa: Recent Findings on National Frameworks and Experiences

Prof Ngeyi Ruth Kanyongolo and Mr Levi Mangani, University of Malawi, Lilongwe: The Social Protection and Social Security Situation in Malawi

Mr Luis Frota, Social Security Specialist ILO Pretoria: The Social Protection Floor Recommendation 202

Prof Letlhokwa George Mpedi, CICLASS; University of Johannesburg: ILO Recommendation 202: Application to Malawi

Mr Charles Chabuka, Ministry of Gender, Children Development and Community Development: The Malawi Social Cash Transfer Project

Mr Mc Neil Mhango, Ministry of Economic Planning and Development, Poverty Reduction and Social Protection: The National Social Support Policy of July 2012

Mr Robert Mkwezalamba, MCTU: Social Security in Malawi: Achievements and Requirements

Mr Wezi Galera Shaba, University Livingstonia: Social Protection for Informal Workers in Malawi

Ms Gladys Mponda, MUFIS: The Streetnet Position on the Social Protection Floor

Prof Marius Olivier, ISLP South Africa and North-West University Potchefstroom: Social Protection for Migrant Workers from Malawi

Mr Arthur van de Meerendonk, Chief Technical Advisor ILO Lilongwe: Fiscal Space and Funding Social Protection

Prof Edwell Kaseke, University of the Witwatersrand: Social Insurance for Formal and Informal Employment

Ms Tessa Hochfeld, CSDA, University of Johannesburg: Social Assistance and Child Well-Being: Learning from South Africa’s Child Support Grant

Dr Marianne Ulriksen, CSDA, University of Johannesburg: Poverty Alleviation or Social Cohesion: Conflicting Impacts of Social Protection?

Ms Hannah Dawson, SPII Johannesburg: Monitoring the Right to Social Security in South Africa

Mr Taku Fundira, SPII Johannesburg: The Mineral-Funded SADC Basic Income Grant Proposal

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