Employment Injury Consultative Workshop Harare 2014

On Oct 20-21, 2014, the ILO and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) organized a consultative and training workshop with experts and government stakeholders from Southern and Eastern African countries on the issue of Employment Injury Protection in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The workshop was based on a review study of existing schemes by Prof Letlhokwa George Mpedi and Dr Mathias Nyenti of the Centre for International Comparative Labour and Social Security Law, CICLASS, at the University of Johannesburg. See the full programme here (pdf).

The full study and workshop proceedings will be culminated in a publication expected in 2015. Video footage of the Bulawayo Rehabilitation Centre and the workshop will be edited in a promotional videoclip and also shared in 2015

Following all Workshop presentations and pictures:

Prof Letlhokwa George Mpedi and Dr Mathias Nyenti: Employment Injury in Eastern and Southern Africa PPT (pdf, 105 kb)

Mr Luis Frota (ILO, Pretoria): International trends on employment injury protection and scope of study in Southern and Eastern Africa PPT (pdf, 486 kb)

Mr David Keendjele (SSC, Namibia): Namibia Injury on Duty Scheme via EMPLOYEES’ COMPENSATION ACT (Act 30 of 1941) (ECA) PPT (pdf, 236 kb) PAPER (pdf, 236kb)

Dr Henry Chikova (NSSA, Zimbabwe): Political Economy of the design of and implementation of the Employment Injury Fund in Zimbabwe PPT (pdf, 226 kb) PAPER (pdf, 157kb)

Prof LG Mpedi, Dr MAT Nyenti (CICLASS, University of Johannesburg): Challenges experienced by former mine workers in accessing social security benefits in SADC PPT (pdf, 486 kb)

Ms Jacqueline Moodles (CSDA, University of Johannesburg): The Disability Grant in South Africa PPT (pdf, 108 kb) PAPER (pdf, 603b)

Mr Bitso Paul Bitso (Uni Pretoria): The Aftermath of Employment Injuries PPT (pdf, 1.2 mb) PAPER (pdf, 692kb)

Ms Nobesuthu Motsepe (TEBA Johannesburg): Rehabilitation and Accompanying of Mine Workers in their Home Countries PPT (pdf, 4.1 mb) PAPER (pdf, 1.4mb)

Mr Fanklin Muchiri (ILO Pretoria): Occupational Health and Safety links to Employment Injury Protection PPT (pdf, 1.5 mb) PAPER (pdf, 1.6 mb)

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