Agenda 2063 and Agenda 2030: Comprehensive Social Protection in the SADC – International Conference 2016

Agenda 2063 and Agenda 2030: Comprehensive Social Protection in the SADC
FES & SASPEN International Conference, 18-19 October 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa

OPENING SPEECH by Minister of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare in Namibia, Hon. Bishop Emeritus Zephania Kameeta, MP: Social Justice, Solidarity and Development: The Role of Social Protection in Eradicating Poverty, Overcoming Inequality and Empowering the People

Dr Johnny Strijdom, AU, AUC: AU Agenda 2063 and upcoming legal and policy instruments to realize the Rights of Citizens to Social Protection (pdf, 721kb),

Francie Lund & Laura Alfers, WIEGO, Towards a Comprehensive Social Protection for Informal Workers (pdf, 1,9mb),

Raquel Tebaldi, UNDP/IPC-IG, Gender-sensitive social protection systems in Brazil and Africa: opportunities for South-South cooperation (pdf, 574kb)

Luis Frota, ILO DWT Pretoria, Experience of Social Protection in Eastern and Southern Africa for Universal coverage (pdf, 2,8mb).


Conference Presentations

Tekwa Newman, Doctoral Research Fellow at the South African Research Chair in Social Policy – UNISA, Beyond Social Protection: Gender, Land Reform and Welfare Outcomes in Zimbabwe (pdf, 1,1mb)

Ruth Castel-Branco, University of Witwatersrand Johannesburg, Towards a Comprehensive Social Protection System in Mozambique (pdf, 2,3mb)

Zubeda Chande & Michael N. Sam, The Institute of Finance Managament, Empowering Women through Social Protection: Selected Cases from Asia and Sub-Saharan Countries (pdf, 482kb)

Prof. BPS Stefan van Eck & Felicia Snyman, University of Pretoria, How well is SA’s Employment Services Act Aligned to Migration Policies with regards to social protection? (pdf, 806kb)

Dr. Edmos Mtetwa, Univeristy of Zimbabwe, Poverty as Powerlessness in Contemporary Disability Studies: the Case of Zimbabwe (pdf, 456kb)

Caroline Tassot, EU Social Protection Systems Programme, The vulnerability analysis in the Social Protection System Review (pdf, 963kb)

Sheila Nkunika, UNICEF Zambia, Tools for a Stronger Integrated and Coherent Social Protection Systems: The Zambia National Social Protection Policy Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (pdf,1,2mb)

Dr. Luca Pellerano & Daniel Kumitz, ILO, From Countless Pilots to Nationally Coordinated Social Protection: Evidence from a Recent Assessment of the Comprehensiveness and Performance of Zambia’s Basic Social Protection System (pdf, 1,2mb)

Dr. Gemma Wright, Prof. Michael Noble, Dr. David McLennan, Dr. Wanga Zembe-Mkabile & Christine Byaruhanga, saspri, Exploring options for comprehensive social security in SADC: recent developments in tax-benefit microsimulation modelling in South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia using EUROMOD (pdf, 900kb)

Wanga Zembe, Vundli Ramokolo, Tanya Doherty, David Sanders & Rina Swart, University of the Western Cape, saMRC, Exlporing the Links Between the Child Support Grant and Children’s Diets, Nutrition and Food Security in South Africa (pdf, 863kb)

Lauren Stuart & Sophie Plagerson, University of Johannesburg, Are South Africa’s social, economic and environmental policies complimentary? The case of Working for Water. (pdf, 418kb)

Marielle Phe Goursat & Luca Pellerano, ILO, Extension of coverage to the workers in the informal economy: Lessons learnt from field research to build comprehensive social protection systems (pdf, 1,5mb)

Blair Robert Ayesiga & Getachew Berhanu Kebede, ISPA, Insufficiency for Social Security in the Informal Sector (pdf, 652kb)

Jane Barrett, WIEGO, Organising Informal Workers towards Comprehensive Social Security (pdf, 2mb)

Stephen Devereux, University of the Western Cape , South Africa’s social protection szstem: comprehensive but incomplete (pdf, 1,1mb)

Patrick Ngwila, ECASSA, Gaps and Successes in Social Protection Provision in the Developing Countries of Africa (pdf, 1,1mb)

Talumba Ireen Banda, COMESA, The COMESA Social Charter and Initiatives on Social Policy in line with Agenda 2063 and Agenda 2030 (pdf, 808kb)

Mario Györi, IPC UNDP, PAA Africa – Linking agricultural support to social protection (pdf, 1,6mb)

David Chipanta, UNAID, unicef, HIV and Social Protection Assessments – Experience from Zambia and Kenya (pdf, 3,1mb)

Ingrid Woolard, IPSP, University of Cape Town, International Panel on Social Progress & Inequality and Social Assistance (pdf, 1,3mb)

Chris C. Nshimbi, University of Pretoria, SADC BIG Campaign, Walking the Talk: Advancing the Cause for Universal Social Protection in Southern Africa through Existing Legislative and Policy Mechanisms (pdf, 1,1mb)

Leila Patel, Tessa Hochfeld, Sophie Plagerson & Lauren Stuart, University of Johannesburg, Gendered social and economic outcomes of social protection in South Africa (pdf, 701kb)

Mildred T. Mushunje, FAO, Agriculture inputs for women’s empowerment in agriculture: a livelihood based social protection perspective (pdf, 957kb)

Katharina Keck & Valentina Barca, Oxford Policy Management, Integrated data and information management for social protection (pdf, 1,4mb)

Katrin Weible, Bielefeld University, The National Social Cash Transfer “Systems”of the SADC Countries and beyond: Who is included, Who remains excluded? (pdf, 1,2mb)


Poster Presentations:

Jonathan Tumwebaze, Martin Kizito, Ronald Kyagulanyi, Mary Ssonko Nabachwa & Kibirige Kasule, Uganda Christian University -Mukon, Sustainability of Financing for Scaling up of Senior Citizen’s Grant (CSG) in Uganda (pdf, 512kb)

Jotham Dhemba & Elthony Mugomeri, National University of Lesotho, Social Protection for older persons in Losotho at a glance (pdf, 116kb)

Clairette Ah-Hen, RDC, Mauritius Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – a supplement to social protection system. (pdf, 3,4mb)

Prof. S. A. Igbatayo, AFE Babalola University, Nigeria, Strengthening Child-Sensitive Social Protection for Human Development in Africa: A Multi-Country Study of Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa (pdf, 8,5mb)

Innocent Lubingo Mazombo, CADDHOM, Comprehensive Social Policies (Case of the DRC) (pdf, 207kb)

Patrick Chanda, University of Zambia, forthcoming

Mathias Mbendela, Centre for Social Research, Market Functionalities and Swinging Preferences of Cash Transfer Beneficiaries in Malawi: An Issue for Policy and Programming (pdf, 970 kb)


Conference Pictures:

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